Last Update: 3 June 2020

The coronavirus state is changing rapidly, and here we will share updates about our work. In this case, please stay at home and healthy.

Since the first day of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, we have been following the developments closely. The health of our employees and customers is very important to us. Therefore, we wanted to share with you a series of precautions and developments we have taken since the very first moment.

1- Due to the nature of our business, we have the chance to work from home as a whole team and we have been doing this since the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic first started. Our offices in London and Istanbul are temporarily closed. However, we are online and there is no change in our daily working hours. Our customer support continues without any problems.

2- All meetings with our team and customers have been re-planned as video conferencing.

3- Advertisement messages and communication language have been updated in all campaigns published due to the new situations brought by COVID-19. (Online education, online shopping only, please stay home.)

4- All necessary adjustments were made in all advertisements, such as relevant keywords, negative keywords, and publishing times and more.

5- Depending on the sectors of our customers, we have carried them online in the most convenient way and we continue to help in this matter. For example, in this process, we have transformed the business of our restaurant owner customers into a takeaway.

6. We see our customers as part of our family and are ready to work in this process. You can call us on 0203 693 38 12.

7- Do you want to start a new project? Do not hesitate to contact us.



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