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With years of experience and advanced Google ads features, we are fully managing your Shopping campaigns. Your goal may be to find new customers, to increase the loyalty of your existing customers to your brand, or to become a higher ROI. We can help you get your job done with our team with the hardware, experience and commercial intelligence needed for all of your goals.


Google Ads solution for Ecommerce Websites

Our goal for Shopping Ads campaigns is to find new customers, increase the loyalty of our existing customers to your brand, and bring higher investment returns. We can help you get your job done with our team with the hardware, experience and commercial intelligence needed for all of your goals..
Our most important KPI is your ROI.

Why choose Decocre as your Shopping Ads management company?

With Shopping ads, you can place products on your ecommerce site with pictures at the top of Google search results when customers complete their search. E-commerce is the best way to bring relevant traffic to your site.
For example, a user who writes white sports shoes can view the products in the white sports shoes category on your site with price and initial visuals and reach the product directly on your site when he clicks on your ad.
We understand your concern
One of the most important issues is the high rate of abandonment of the cart. People often find it difficult to complete their shopping if they visit your site for the first time. You know, the fact that they don’t know your brand, the bad experiences they’ve had before, etc. it can all lead to this. We are aware of this and with our dynamic remarketing solutions, we direct people back to their baskets and the last product they looked at, making sure that shopping baskets return to sale as much as possible.

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Benefits of our Shopping Ads management service

With Decocre Google Shopping ads consulting, it is aimed to help you compete with your competitors in this huge competitive environment. Remember, this is a team game. And there’s a lot of points we need to move together.
You may have just installed your e-commerce site or want to improve your existing business. We are with you every step of your strategy with our end-to-end solutions.

The key to success

In order for to succeed in Shopping Ads campaigns, the quality of the Product Feed should be well categorized (we can find with this categories which product is winner and etc.), the right target audience selection and your ads should be carefully and strategically prepared.
The installation of shopping ads requires not only technological knowledge but also a successful commercial intelligence. It is necessary for a successful shopping campaign to increase customer sales, to bring back the customer who left, to set up and prepare special.

Our Expertise

By making your ads appear in the right area to the right audience, your investment returns are targeted at the highest level.

Successful Advertising Campaigns

Continual Optimization of Campaigns

High Conversion Rates

Investigation of Detailed Reports


We understand your concerns and possible problems you may have experienced. And we aim to offer you an exclusive service.


No contract

No long-term binding contracts, just work with us for 1 month and then join our happy customers.

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Transparency is very important to us.

Know how much you spend on ads

You can see exactly what your ads have reached and how much you've paid.

Proven results

We support the development of your ads campaign by using previously proven best practices.

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