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Digital marketing is a long way. You can start at just 1 Paid Search campaign on Google AdWords, and then the business can grow easily with a good pay per click and social media strategy. You plan to launch new markets and it means sometimes new languages. Decocre Digital can give support to your needs as a multilingual PPC management agency London every time the target audience wants to see content in their language. Ads that speak in their native language will increase conversion rates as well as help you reach more people in that country.

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For many countries, we find native Google Ads Experts from here, brief to them, and we work together with them. We change and optimising all ad copies, keywords, campaigns, time zones and arrange places for ads. We’ll get feedback from other PPC experts to make sure it’s working properly, and we’ll publish our campaign and start monitoring developments.

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Which companies are suitable for Multilingual PPC Services?


  • Global service companies working with multiple countries.
  • Global import export companies international law firms.
  • International Financial Institutions.
  • Health and medical companies serving internationally.
  • Specific Hospitals.
  • International Foundations and associations.
  • Growing Startups.
  • Companies that want to enter new markets.

Why is it necessary for people to work in their language?

Localization work gives you access to the real market, allowing people to speak in their language. This will help your company enter into real competition in the country that speaks that language. This way you can reach your potential in that country more easily and see clearly whether the market is profitable for you. When they see your localized article in their search engine, they will feel more trustworthy and this trust can be turned to conversion easily.

Timing and Ad Places

Timing is not only open ads in business work times. Timing is a subject for which hours is more winner about conversions and which hours has fewer conversions. For successful time optimisation, we need to monitor carefully our Google Analytics. Website staying time, bounce rate and conversion/day hour metrics are key for this optimisation.

Every country has good capital cities. And when we just start to launch our local PPC campaigns, using the full country will be riskier. So, we can choose the capital city or big cities in these countries and monitor results. Geographic conversion report and click-through rate will be our key for this optimisation.


Start the marketing your product or service in a new country is always costly and requires a real budget. In Digital marketing, all metrics can be easily measured, and you can easily see which ad areas our company spends on. Therefore, we can easily optimize and correct our costs. So we don’t waste your budget.


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Localization work includes

Local competitor research for Google Ads.

We founding minimum of 3 competitors for the chosen location. And try to understand their approach to marketing in local. What is their unique selling point? How many years they are in this local market? And we looking their website, social media accounts and digital marketing strategies.

Identify the local audience

Another very important start point is to identify the target audience. Who is your main target in the new local market? What is their current habit? How to can take more conversions? Which unique selling point is touching your new local target. Start easy and move forward with understanding your target audience.

Set new targets for local advertising campaigns.

For example,

  • Brand awareness in the new country
  • Target little and basic results, then grow it.
  • Start with easy makeable conversion rate target.
  • Focus to first feedbacks from the potential customers.

Create a new digital marketing strategy for this country.

When we learned to our local competitors, the next station is the new strategy of digital marketing. We will start with a SWOT analysis of our current situation and targeted goals. Then create a strong action plan together with you.

New PPC campaigns for the local language.

  1. Paid Search Campaigns – Touch their wants.
  2. Remarketing Campaigns – Remember yourself.
  3. Brand Awareness Campaigns – Give your message.
  4. Using Social Media Ads – Create more trust for the target audience.

New landing page design or web design.

Also, we need new landing pages or fully new website design with our new market language. So, if we want to more conversions from this market, persons want all contents must be their language.

Monitoring Results.

End of all, we will launch our campaigns and start tracking and monitoring. Our Google Adwords PPC Experts will make new optimisations and take new actions week by week. When came to the first feedbacks, we can start to learn easily what is our main points for success.

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How Decocre Digital Works – Multilingual PPC Agency the UK

 Our In-House team and Co-founders are Google Ads PPC Experts. We every time work closely with our clients in our PPC Agency. Our team have 5 years of experience in PPC management and we only work with proven results. we can touch professionally to your ad copies, keywords, campaigns and conversion rates. We are creating sustainable success for our all clients. Because we know, if you win – we can win together with you. And you can find us every time to your multilingual PPC management agency London.

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