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Let’s reach your conversion goals together with us social media. Here, things always start with the interaction that comes to your posts. Whether your goal is to get product sales or to increase traffic to your website, or lead generation, you can get great results with the right strategy.


Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Decocre, helps you with competitive analysis, strategic planning, creating ad creatives, determining the target audience, selecting which ad areas to run and planning your conversion goals for your paid social media projects.
Our most important KPI is your ROI.

Improve your business with Facebook and Instagram Ads

Social media advertising is very different and unique from traditional PPC strategies. Our focus is not on keywords, but to get conversions by showing the right target audience and ads that are relevant to the interests of that target audience. Decocre comes into play at this point, combining the information we receive from you and our competitor analysis to create the most accurate target audience and publish ads.

Impressive numbers about social media ads.
Number of people who use Facebook Every Day: 1,5 Billions+
Number of active advertisers in Facebook: 7 Millions+
Number of Instagram Business profiles all over the world: 25 Millions+
Number of Instagram advertisers all over the world: 2 Millions+
Number of users visiting at least one Instagram Business profile on a daily basis: 200 Millions+
Decocre total number of ad impressions: 30 Millions+

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Why choose us for advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

Simply, we target your most important KPI, deeply competitor analysis, prepare a strong strategy with proven results and we start to work.

First plan is most important for every different campaign. We start to work from scratch, first is identify your potential customer persona.

Secondly, We create target audience and segmentation for to find the most profitable ones.

All results are monitorized, the only performance winners are selected. When the initial results begin to arrive, the success in our strategy is measured and your campaign is optimized.

We combine the experience gained from our customers for more than one industry with proven results and we are using it for our customers again. We are applying all the updates that Facebook brings to your campaign very quickly.

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Monitor everything with Facebook Pixel

When you add Facebook pixel to your site, we can track conversions, create a target audience from people interacting with your ads, and use pixel data to optimize results. Thus, we can develop a regular advertising investment return.

Our Expertise

By making your ads appear in the right area to the right audience, your investment returns are targeted at the highest level.

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Instagram Ads

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We have been using our experience and proven results for the last 3 years with our customer who has been actively advertising when we set up your advertising campaign.

Your business goals;
Brand Awareness
We can do it with social media ads.


Choose Location

We can target people according to specific locations.

Demographic Information

We can determine your target audience by age, gender, language, etc.

Interests and Behaviors

We can narrow your audience by interests and actions.

Re-targeting and Facebook AI

For example, we may use your previous sales mailing list in advertisements. It's that easy.

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